01. The woman [claimed] she had seen a UFO land in a nearby field.
02. Henry was accused of stealing a chocolate bar, but he [claimed] that he had just forgotten to pay for it.
03. A man [claiming] to be a police officer entered the home of an elderly woman, and stole all her valuables.
04. The boy [claimed] that someone else broke the window, but all the other children said it was him.
05. The President has laughed at [claims] that he has a drinking problem.
06. Smoking [claims] more lives in the U.S. than car accidents, murders and heart attacks combined.
07. A small terrorist group has [claimed] responsibility for the assassination of a leading politician today.
08. Sometimes human [claims] attributed to God are contradictory.
09. Max Weber believed that the democracy attainable in capitalist society fell far short of the [claims] made for it.
10. James Gordon Bennett once said, "I have made mistakes, but have never made the mistake of [claiming] I never made one."
11. Jacques Cartier [claimed] Canada for France in 1534.
12. The factory [claims] there is no danger to marine life as a result of the waste it is pouring into the river, but no one believes them.
13. In their legends, the people of Vietnam [claim] to be the descendants of a dragon.
14. In 1947, Italy signed a treaty giving up all its [claims] to Libya.
15. She [claimed] she injured her back in the car accident, but insurance agents think she was only faking the injury.
16. Someone once joked that the man who [claims] he never drives too fast, always slows down when he sees a policeman.
17. A report in 1990 [claimed] that 40% of Guatemala's forest cover had been lost since 1960.
18. Much of the waterfront of Suva, the capital city of Fiji, stands on land [reclaimed] from the sea.
19. People have [claimed] that a mysterious monster lives in Loch Ness, Scotland since the 14th century.
20. A Chinese proverb warns, "Do not trust a person who [claims] to be honest, and never trust exaggerated friendliness."
21. In 1579, Sir Francis Drake [claimed] the land of California for Queen Elizabeth I.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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